According to this graph and an article in The Atlantic by Derek Thompson, advertisers are still behind the times when it comes to capturing the attention of their audiences. If we all realize that print is a dying medium and mobile is the way of the future, why do print advertisements get 25 times more money than their mobile counterparts? The answer in the article is that advertisers get more in return from what they put in print. As Thompson puts it, the task now is to “convince marketing firms that an eyeball on a screen is worth an eyeball on paper.”

How do we do this? The answer has yet to be determined, but here are a few options:

  • Prove to advertisers that user engagement is what matters.
  • Set mobile rates at competitive rates with print advertising.
  • Better explain the opportunities mobile provides.
  • Always, always, always define the key users. Then think about them in every step of the process, including advertising.


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